Natura Food Additives, a.s.

Production plant

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Contact person Tel. number E-mail
Member of the Board
Ing. Radek Široký siroky@naturafoodadditives.cz
Chief technologist, application of food additives in the dairy industry, fruit processing
Ing. Jiří Patrovský, CSc. +402 602 388 690 patrovsky@naturafoodadditives.cz
Application of food additives in the meat industry
Ing. Daniel Waage +402 602 395 527 waage@naturafoodadditives.cz
Application of food additives in the bakery and confectionery industry and in the production of delicaciesk
Ing. Matěj Patrovský +420 775 394 041 patrovskym@naturafoodadditives.cz
Purchase of raw materials
Bc. Veronika Sedláčková +420 724 132 264 sedlackova@naturafoodadditives.cz
Head of quality control and laboratories
Ing. Aneta Kudlová +420 725 770 970 kudlova@naturafoodadditives.cz
Sales department
Dana Hampejsová +420 607 603 152 hampejsova@naturafoodadditives.cz
Operations Manager
Miroslav Kolář +420 728 823 137 kolar@naturafoodadditives.cz