Food additives for meat products:

  • Brines for meat injection and tumbling, e.g. Naturham, Naturbrine
  • Complete preparations (stabilizers, spices, flavours) for pate and terrines, e.g. Naturpate
  • Preparations for cooked and smoked salami and sausages, e.g. Naturslice, Naturcoloid
  • Mixes for hamburgers
  • Preparations and cultures for fermented sausages, e.g. Naturfuet
  • Mixes for skin and fat emulsions
  • Pork bellies replacements
  • Coatings systems for meat specialities
  • Preparations for flavoured gelatine based aspics, e.g. Naturaspic
  • Preservatives for meat products, e.g. Naturstabil

Food additives for bakery and confectionery products:

  • Pastry improvers (products that improve the volume of the product, extend the shelf life, prevent the product from drying out), so-called Naturapan
  • Premixes for the production of whole grain, so-called Natura Whole Meal Pastry, or potato breads, so-called Natura Potato Bread
  • Premixes or ready-made mixtures for the production of sponge bodies, so-called Natursponge
  • Premixes or ready-made mixtures for the production of burnt matter, so-called Naturchoux pastries
  • Thickeners for confectionery jams (thermostable, frost resistant), so-called Naturthick
  • Mixtures for the production of decorative jelly, so-called Naturjella. The mixtures can be flavored, colored, they can contain various types of sweeteners.
  • Mixtures suitable for stabilizing whipped cream (neutral, flavored, sweetened), so-called Naturwhip
  • Mixtures for glazing confectionery products, so-called naturglaze
  • Cheese filling stabilizers, so-called Naturtvaroh or Naturquarkfix
  • Mixtures for the production of instant creams, so-called Naturdekor.

Products for the dairy industry:

This group of currently produced and distributed blends of food ingredients and additives can meet various requirements

of fermented dairy products, dairy desserts and whipping creams, traditional and vegetable fat based ice cream

manufacturers as well as the needs of artisans in the catering and retail field of ice cream processing:

  • Stabilizing premixes for yoghurts and fermented dairy creams, e.g. Naturyoghurt.
  • Thickeners and gelling agents including flavours and colourants for acid and neutral dairy desserts and custards, e.g.
  • Stabilizers for UHT dairy and vegetable fat based whipping creams, e.g. Naturwhip.
  • Preparations for dairy spreads and quark based desserts, e.g. Naturspread and Naturquark.
  • Naturcheese as a recently introduced blend of additives used for manufacture of cheese analogue from milk proteins
    and vegetable fat, suitable as replacement for traditional cheese in their typical, esp. industrial applications (for pizza
    and pastry decoration, in sausages etc.)
  • Integrated stabilizers/emulsifiers blends for dairy and vegetable ice creams, e.g. Naturice basis.
  • Mixes for artisan’s ice creams, e.g. Natursorbet and Naturice:

Food ingredients:

We also offer individual food ingredients, additives and their powder mixtures in the following categories:
thickeners and gelling agents • emulsifiers • antioxidants • stabilizers • chemical preservatives • dyes • mixtures of spices and aromas, etc.

individual substances:

carrageenans • alginates • pectins • xanthan • guar • gelatin

native and modified potato, corn, wheat and tapioca starch

maltodextrins • dextrose and fructose

potato mash • potato fiber • lecithins

soy proteins • their concentrates • isolates and soy flour

phosphates and their salts • blood proteins • vitamin premixes

Service: Complete technological service

We provide customers with technological service in the form of elaboration and submission of recipes, we teach customer staff directly in the production company, or in the form of training, consultations, etc. At the customer’s request we develop new technological procedures and production programs.